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I have been traveling back and forth to london each year for months at a time and in 1994 my friends said that they wanted to record an album with me my next time over to london,in 1994 we recorded my first smooth jazz album called 'In The Zone' with ten tracks of instrumentals,some with backing vocals,in 95' i went over and we my album was being played in london on 'Jazz-FM and we the band 'Gallery of Groove' debuted the album at london's 'Jazz Cafe' in camdentown september 21/22,1995' and we had a full house from the floor to the balcony.We had been playing together with 'The Foundations' and other gigs backing me as a solo artist around london and the UK.

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Emmett North Jr.: Heart of Stone
Emmett North Jr.: Have You Got The Time
Emmett North Jr.: Foxy Lady
Emmett North Jr.: I
Emmett North Jr.: Wrap Me In Your Love
Emmett North Jr.: In The Zone
Emmett North Jr.: The Groove
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